UKEGS annual meeting 2017

Provisional Programme

Wellcome Genome Campus, Conference Centre

Hinxton, Cambridge CB10 1RQ


Thursday 30th November

8.00     Registration and tea/coffee

8.55     Keith Martin – Introduction and Welcome

            Interactive Case Discussions

Discussants: Nick Strouthidis, Humma Shahid, Jamie Craig

9.00     Mark Batterbury

9.20     Ali Martins

9.40     David Broadway

10.00   The Great Debates

Bleb Needling:

… worth a go               Tom Eke

… waste of time          John Salmon

Early glaucoma and hate my drops:

… I want SLT                Gus Gazzard

… I want MIGS             Dan Lindfield

10.40   Rapid fire presentations

11.00   Tea/coffee, posters and exhibition

11.30   ‘Genetics Update’ Chair: Keith Martin and Ananth Viswanathan

Jamie Craig ‘Glaucoma genetics update’

Tin Aung ‘Genetics of exfoliation syndrome’

Paul Foster ‘What have we learned from the UK Biobank’

Anthony Khawaja ‘Mitochondrial genes and glaucoma’

1.00     Lunch, posters and exhibition

‘Imaging Update’ Chair: Nick Strouthidis

2.00     Andrew Tatham ‘Current state of the art of clinical imaging practice’

2.10     Paul Foster ‘Imaging findings from the UK Biobank’

2.20     Nick Strouthidis ‘Optic nerve biomechanics’

2.30     Jibran Mohamed ‘Imaging disc haemorrhages’

2.40     Francesca Cordiero ‘Making clinical light out of DARC’

2.50     Peter Thomas ‘Machine/deep learning and imaging’

3.00     Rapid fire presentations

3.45     Tea/coffee, posters and exhibition

‘MIGS Update’ Panel: Gok Ratnarajan, Leon Au, Andy McNaught,

Faisal Ahmed, Dan Lindfield

4.15     Gok Ratnarajan ‘Innovations and surgical pearls in

sub-conjunctival microshunts’

4.35     Leon Au ‘MIGS complications’

4.55     Panel discussion

5.30     Annual General Meeting Chair: Keith Martin


Friday 1st December

8.00     Registration and tea/coffee

8.00     Trainee session: ‘How to get that consultant job’: Humma Shahid (Trainees and fellows ONLY)

Interactive Case Discussions

Discussants: Anthony King, Philip Bloom, Tin Aung

9.00     Steve Vernon

9.20     Dilani Siriwardena

9.40     Jim Kirwan

10.00   A conversation with Anders Heijl – Professor Sir Peng Khaw

10.00 – 12.00  Glaucoma Surgery Dry Lab – James Watson Pavilion

10 Microscopes, pre-booked participants only

10.30   Tea/coffee, posters and exhibition

            ‘Paediatric Glaucoma Update’ Chair: Cecilia Fenerty

11.00   Maria Papadopoulos ‘Paediatric glaucoma update for the adult glaucoma specialist’ (part 1)

11.15   Cecilia Fenerty (tbc) ‘Paediatric glaucoma update for the adult glaucoma specialist’ (part 2)

11.30   Velota Sung ‘Tubes and complications in kids’

11.45   Discussion

12.00   The Hitchings Lecture: Anders Heijl

1.00     Lunch, posters and exhibition

2.00     Rapid fire presentations

2.00 – 4.00  Glaucoma Surgery Dry Lab – James Watson Pavilion

10 Microscopes, pre-booked participants only

2.45     Final session

Michelle Chan ‘EPIC-Norfolk – Implications for Glaucoma Diagnosis and Management in the UK’

Lydia Chang ‘Getting it right first time’

Richard Wormald ‘Incorporating research into routine clinical care’

3.30     Tea/coffee, posters and exhibition

4.00     Prize-giving, IGA/UKEGS research grant, and UKEGS 2018

4.30     Close of UKEGS 2017 meeting

To download a PDF version of the programme, please click here